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NEUTRAL SHOE - Neutral shoes are designed for runners with a high, rigid arch. If the print of your arch shows a very narrow band or no band at all between the forefoot and heel it usually indicates a neutral or underpronated foot. Neutral runners have an efficient running gait. If you're an underpronator (supinator) the foot does not roll inwards (pronate) enough and it's not usually an effective shock absorber. Both these type of runner require a neutral cushioned shoe with plenty of flexibility to encourage foot motion.

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Take the shortcut to your runner's high. Equipped with the latest generationCloud-Tec sole, the all new Cloudflowdoes not waste any time: ready, set, flow. From the very forst step, a record breaking 18 Clouds have one goal: to take you to your runner's high. Experience incredibly soft landings and explosive take-offs. And forget about the Cloudflow's shockingly light Zero-Gravity foam, adaptive engineered mesh, and responsive Speedboard.


  • The innovative mesh weave and adaptive first-layer sock ensure comfort
  • An anti-microbial treatment guarantees lasting freshness


  • The patented Speedboard encourages the natural rolling process and promotes an explosive take-off
  • Reinforcement in the forefoot makes the shoe even more responsive


  • Made of Zero-Gravity foam, the Clouds offer ultimate lightness
  • Advanced abrasion pads ensure superior grip

Weight: 220g

Heal-toe offset: 6mm

Colour: Lake/Fern