NEUTRAL SHOE - Neutral shoes are designed for runners with a high, rigid arch. If the print of your arch shows a very narrow band or no band at all between the forefoot and heel it usually indicates a neutral or underpronated foot. Neutral runners have an efficient running gait. If you're an underpronator (supinator) the foot does not roll inwards (pronate) enough and it's not usually an effective shock absorber. Both these type of runner require a neutral cushioned shoe with plenty of flexibility to encourage foot motion.

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Brooks Twitch S

RRP £40.00save £4.01 £35.99 inc. VAT
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The Twitch S helps athletes make their mark. Versatile and lightweight, it’s ideal for distances of up to 400 meters. Inspired by student athletes’ practice of “tagging” their shoes, the graffiti-ready upper is built for easy, personal customization.

Nylon spike plate : 7-well-coniguration : latex crash pad : ultrathin carbon rubber outsole : aerodaynamic upper

Weight: 164g excl. Spikes


Please note Brooks products cannot be shipped to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA)