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SUPPORT SHOE - Support shoes are designed for runners with a normal-sized arch. If the print of your arch shows the forefoot and heel connected by a broad band it usually indicates a moderately overpronated foot. It means your arch will collapse through the gait cycle and the foot will roll inwards (pronate) slightly. Most runners overpronate slightly so this is normal. Support shoes have some control features.

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On Cloudflyer

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The next-gen Cloudflyer is all about support, speed and comfort. It’s built for distance and volume, recovery and improvement, practice and performance – and all in supreme comfort.

Discover shockingly soft landings and explosive take-offs in one of the world’s lightest, fully-cushioned support shoes. It’s made for any runner and any running goal. 

So whether you’re chasing a personal best, looking to increase your weekly distance or just want to enjoy the sensation of running without pain or problem, the Cloudflyer can help.

Bigger Clouds, Better Cushioning

The Cloudflyer has always been about speedy comfort and support. That’s why we use some of the biggest and widest clouds that we make in the outsole. 

The next-gen model is the exact same, and features 12 of the largest and strongest Cloud elements of any On shoe. 

More foam, bigger cavities, better impact protection. They’ll change the way you see landings. Protecting and supporting your feet with an unparalleled cushioning sensation - no matter which part of your foot you land on when running. 

The two rearmost cloud elements are huge. Built to support heavy heel-strikers, they dampen even the hardest of impacts to keep you feeling secure and supported from below no matter how fast or far you go. 

If you’re more of a forefoot striker, the wider surface area to the front of the shoe effectively disperses the weight and pressure of landings to keep you moving in comfort.  

The next-gen Cloudflyer is the first On shoe to feature a forked Cloud outsole. Reinforcing the shoe’s medial side supports a healthy rolling motion and a stronger push off feeling. 

This way, the Cloudflyer gently supports your leg muscles and promotes a more natural movement, encouraging you to run with better form. 

Weight: 210g

Heel-Toe Drop: 7mm