Run Kingswood Run

A mum-of-three has started her own running club despite having heart surgery just six months ago. Tracy Larvin-Smith, 39, suffers from congenital heart disease and was born with a heart murmur. But, as her condition deteriorated, doctors offered Tracy a mechanical valve replacement earlier this year. After her surgery, Tracy was put under a strict exercise ban to ensure her new valve wasn't put under too much pressure.

Tracy, from Kingswood, said: “I’ve been into fitness for quite a while. I’d lost over seven stone before my op, which I had to have because the exercise was putting pressure on my heart.  “It was like a sweat ban, so I wasn’t allowed to do anything. I put on two or three stone which was probably to be expected.” Tracy, a mum of three children all under the age of ten, says she struggled under the exercise ban and wanted to get back into fitness as soon as she could. She said: “I was out jogging as soon as I was allowed really but my husband wasn’t really keen on me going out on my own, so I asked on Facebook whether anyone would just like to jog with me and it took off from there, so I called it Run Kingswood Run.

The group now boasts a community of over 600 members. “Obviously not all of them come at once,” Tracy said. “We have got bigger though and we have started different groups. Like we have one that follows the Couch to 5K app and once they’re finished they can do the 5k-10k. We’ve got others who have been running for a while and do park runs so everyone’s different.” The group runs three times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and meets on the Kingswood Village Green opposite the co-op. Tracy insists the group isn’t as scary as many think running could be. She said: “It’s free, it’s literally just a chance to run for runnings sake. It only lasts for an hour from 7-8. You don’t need any proper get-up you can just sling on some trackie bottoms or leggings and some trainers and you’re good to go.

“Many of the people who run with us say how good it is. People say it’s helped them with anxiety or helped them make more friends. It’s not a commitment so it’s flexible around working hours. The idea is to offer something to everyone.”

Anyone wishing to join Run Kingswood Run can find further details on their Facebook page. Details HERE

Story courtesy of Hull Daily Mail